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  • School of Management International Students Win the Konsung Cup Competition
    The Konsung Cup is a market research competition organized by Jiangsu Konsung Biomedical Science and Technology Co Ltd in collaboration with the School of Management and Overseas Education College of Jiangsu University. The competition initially began with a company visit on 16th June 2022. This tour exposed all the teams to different levels of experiences and presented good opportunities in un...
  • 12th Sino-Foreign Graduate Academic Conference
    The Managememt and Finance 12th Sino-Foreign Graduate academic Forum under the theme “Opening Sharing Interdisciplinary Integration & Innovation Development” was held on 26th November 2022. This year’s forum was organized by the Institute of Science and Information Technology and  co-organized by the School of Management. Prof. Liu Guifeng was the special guest speaker. The reputable experts...
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